The Mapel Process

The Mapel Process

Mapel Building uses a highly refined but flexible, systemised approach.

Due to the great number of developments we have completed over the years, Mapel Building has implemented a systematic way of running and building our projects.

This approach is flexible enough to meet the demands of the project and can be tailored to client requirements. Our process is robust enough to ensure that the project quality, economy, specification, safety and end client satisfaction are met on completion.

This process has been developed over the years by way of incremental improvements, across all aspects of our business from; project management, to client communication, building systems & design to accounting and back end record keeping.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve in areas such as; providing greater value in our service to our clients, more cost efficient structures, decrease building time and to a higher standard than ever.

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Mapel Building takes great pride in our management process.

As a testament to our team and their confidence in our business, Mapel Building has multiple registered builders in our front-line management team. Ensuring we are Perth’s premier commercial industrial building company.

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Our site supervisors manage no more than 3 jobs each (and usually no more than two). You can be sure of the highest level of, supervision and timely scheduling of our in-house contractors. This continuity of workflow means, your project is completed on time, on spec, on budget, safely and to your absolute satisfaction.

We appreciate that time means money to you

The earlier we complete your project, the sooner you can rent out your investment or sack your current landlord and move into your own freehold premises.

We don’t demand large up-front deposits.

This is a unique Mapel Building trait, among Perth’s Commercial Industrial Builders and a bonus for you. We have confidence in our processes and abilities. We ensure that, apart from a small initial deposit payment to secure the work, we only issue claims for progress payments during the works, for works we have already completed. This means you will only pay for the design of your project, including full engineering and approval fees until the time the relative approvals are granted. You can feel confident, that we will be working extremely hard to get council approvals through quickly for you! This gives you confidence that, you are building with a company that is in a stable financial position for ultimate peace of mind.

We include the cost of design and obtaining approvals at our firm lump sum package price to you.

Other commercial builders and building designers, charge in excess of 10% of the building project value to produce your design and obtain approvals upfront. This is before they give you a firm price for your project. We believe, this is due to a lack of experience with this type of work, and often leaves an owner with a nasty surprise at the back end. Particularly, when a competent builder is asked to price the work and points out several problems another inexperienced building designer has missed. By obtaining a firm price for the design and construction of your development upfront, you can save yourself money and peace of mind. No need to worry about the uncertainty of costs to complete the construction, until it is too late.

We actively seek your feedback.

We ask our customers how we are doing and what more can we do for them, during the design and construction process.

We love creating raving fans that speak highly of our business.

Word of mouth referrals are extremely important to us, and our passion is building profitable developments that speak for themselves. Due to our experience, we like to anticipate your needs and plan to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

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Mapel Building – Since 1993

As a second-generation family business, Mapel Building has been designing and constructing commercial and industrial buildings in Perth, Western Australia for over 25 years.

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